About us

The firm TAMAR d.o.o was founded in 1992, when it was registered in the court register at the Commercial Court in Rijeka. It initially engaged in the business of tourist train transport and small sales. In 2002, we started to manufacture our own tourist trains. Today TAMAR employs five permanent employees and 10 seasonal workers. We collaborate with other producers and suppliers of car parts in the Republic of Croatia, such as the Institute for vehicles of the Republic of Croatia.

An added guarantee of the quality of our products is the fact that we use our own trains for transport. These tourist trains are constructed according to the highest standards and maximum attention is paid to the safety and comfort of the passengers. When manufacturing them, we use parts that are guaranteed weather resistant and have a long term lifespan. We use original materials and new technology in the production, restoration and refitting of old models. We share our many years of experience with our customers.




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